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Fiddler on the Roof

(John W. Engeman Theatre)


  • "Fiddler on the Roof may very well be Engeman's finest production to date... The cast deserves the highest honors." -Elise Pearlman, Times Beacon Record

  • "Replete with outsize ghosts and comic wailings, ["Tevye's Dream"] lifts Fiddler just at the moment when we see where all this is headed." -Steve Parks, New York Newsday



Mel Brooks' The Producers

(Ogunquit Playhouse)


  • "...A new pinnacle of achievement in theatre for this area.. This cast absolutely deserved the standing ovation it received at Sunday's matinee and, quite frankly, it should get one for every performance it does. The pigeons deserve a Tony Award of their own." -Tim Robinson, Seacoast Online

  • "The Ogunquit Playhouse, now in its 76th season, isn't the southernmost summer theater in Maine. But it is, nonetheless, the one that often comes closest to Broadway. That's particularly true with the first-rate production of Mel Brooks' The Producers... A large supporting cast of very good dancers and singers make this edition of The Producers one you ought to see." -Steve Feeney, The Portland Press Herald



Fiddler on the Roof

(Ogunquit Playhouse)


  • "Every component of Fiddler on the Roof- acting, singing, dance, set, costumes, lighting, sound- adds its expressive strength to the dramatized statement of this production's meaningful, serious message. The Ogunquit production is brilliant, a dazzling theatrical achievement." -Joseph Maura, Seacoast Online

  • "The wonderful thing about Fiddler on the Roof is that you go in knowing all the songs, and vaguely remembering favorite moments. The playhouse managed to recreate those moments just as you remember them - sometimes better. "Tevye's Dream" was hilariously over the top." -Matty,



Fiddler on the Roof

(Fulton Theatre)


  • "Thursday's opening night was the kind of thrill that only comes to a stage once in a blue moon... If you're going to see one Fulton show this season, it should be this one." -Susan E. Lindt, Intelligencer Journal

  • "It took about two minutes Thursday night to know that the Fulton Opera House's new production of this classic musical was going to be a winner... The pace is swift, there is a lot of humor and the emotional highs and lows come shining through. I defy anyone to have a dry eye when the show comes to an end." -Jane Holahan, Lancaster New Era

  • "The huge 38-member cast shines, making a three-hour show speed by smoothly... the Fulton gives its audience a joyful holiday gift." -Marty Crisp, Sunday News




Swan Song

(Manhattan Theatre Source)


  • "Full of stirring songs that could break your heart. Shoshanna Richman as a soft-hearted woman feeling trapped by her very heart, is dazzling." -Kat Chamberlain,




(Midtown International Theatre Festival)


  • "My favorite is Shoshanna Richman's Nancy, whose every gesture and glance makes a study in finesse. I could watch her forever." -Kat Chamberlain,

  • "Nancy is played by the enchanting Shoshanna Richman." -Frank J. Avella,

  • "... a talented young cast." -Lauren Salazar, New York Magazine

  • "The cast of Twist has its share of top-notch actors and singers... notable is the sadly underutilized Shoshanna Richman as Nancy. A subtle actor, she pleasantly contrasts with the larger than life characters that populate Fagin's world." -Byrne Harrison, Off-Off Broadway Review




(Peculiar Works Project)


  • "Peculiar Works Project's new foray into the history of the movement makes both memories of the old Off-Off and the possibility of its youthful rebirth seem tangible... Hair with the chorus in the Public Theater's window alcoves.. it's all there, in its outrage and exhilaration, a chance waiting to be seized. Grab this joyous chunk of the past and,when you've caught your breath, start contemplating the future." -Michael Feingold, Village Voice

  • "One standout performance was from the Broadway hit, Hair, which started at the Public Theater... the ensemble work was superb. Joe Papp would have been proud." -Daniel Selznick,

  • "...a super-sized theatrical experiment that matches the raw, brilliant energy that gave birth to so much of the theatre it means to represent." -Matt Windman, AM New York

  • "...packs some surprising wallops, such as a military protest in front of the Public Theater that turns into "I Got Life" from Hair..." -Paul Menard, Backstage



Fiddler on the Roof

(Round Barn Theatre)


  • "The three eldest daughters combine nicely on "Matchmaker," and Shoshanna Richman handles the plaintive "Far From the Home I Love" very well." -Marcia Fulmer, Elkhart Truth



Bye Bye Birdie

(Round Barn Theatre)


  • "Shoshanna Richman plays Rosie to the hilt, turning in a sensational performance." -Jeri Seely, The Paper

  • "...[Derek Martin and Shoshanna Richman] work well together, both comedically and vocally... Richman provides the right foil for the vacillating Albert as the fiery "seniorita" from Allentown, PA." -Marcia Fulmer, Elkhart Truth

  • "Shoshanna Richman is excellent as smart, spunky Rose." -Karen Rivers, South Bend Tribune



Plain and Fancy

(Round Barn Theatre)


  • "Shoshanna Richman earns big laughs as city girl Ruth." -Karen Rivers, South Bend Tribune



The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

(Lost Nation Theater)


  • "Lost Nation Theater's current production of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie underscores the theatrical triumph which can occur when a strong director combines with strong actors to tackle a vibrant script... fine theater from start to finish." -Charlie McMeek, The Herald of Randolph, VT

  • "One of the strong points of this production is that the actors playing the girls are all so very good." -Dan Wolfe, Shelburne News

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